Vortex Red Dot Defender-CCW 3 MOA

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Arm yourself with the compact red dot so you are ready to defend yourself. The micro-sized Defender-CCW™ delivers maximum camouflage and reliability. You need the speed at which the Defender is fully active and the first shot can be fired when you are threatened and have nowhere to go. The slim profile means no extra bulk or weight.

A large, industry-leading viewport and brilliant Red Dot help you aim faster and defend more accurately, even in low light. The Defender is immediately activated by movement and is therefore ready when you need it. And with the automatic shutdown, the red dot turns off after 14 hours to save battery life.

The battery has a lifespan of up to 9,500 hours.

Application Vortex Red Dot Defender-CCW 3 MOA:
The Defender-CCW 3 MOA can be easily mounted on any pistol that is suitable for an RMS footprint using the supplied mounting. In addition, a picatinny/weaver mounting is included.

For the best results from your Defender-CCW™ red dot, correct mounting is essential. Although it is not difficult, the correct steps must be followed.

The Defender-CCW™ uses the same screw spacing and footprint as the RMS and will work on any gun that accepts an RMS footprint. You may need to consult the gun’s manual to see if additional plates are needed to mount the red dot. If a plate is required, install the plate according to the gun or plate manufacturer’s recommendations.

To install the red dot, place the red dot on top of the gun’s slide or plate, aligning the screw holes and recoil lug. Make sure the red dot sits flat on the holder. Select the correct screw size from the screws included in the box with the Defender-CCW™.

  • Important features:
  • Large aspherical lens with hard coating; for a fast, distortion-free viewing image.
  • Motion Activation with Auto-Shutoff; automatically activates upon movement while 14 hours of Auto-Shutoff extends battery life.
  • Shockshield™ Polymer insert; polymer insert absorbs everyday shocks.
  • Shield RMS Footprint.


  • Optical properties:
  • Brightness Levels; 10 levels.
  • Unlimited Eye Relief; for quickly tracking targets.
  • Parallax Free; ensures that you do not have to keep your eye in the same place all the time to be able to look through it properly and aim at your target.
  • Night Vision Compatible; the lowest two intensities are suitable for use at night.


  • 3 MOA Red Dot
  • The Defender-CCW™ has a total of 10 brightness settings (eight for daylight use and two for night vision). Offered with a 3 or 6 MOA daylight bright red dot, it is easy to see and acquire targets regardless of lighting conditions or background.
  • Here you are looking at the 3 MOA variant. The 6 MOA variant can be found with optional accessories.

1x Red Dot Defender – CCW 3 MOA
1x 1° filler plate
1x Picatinny attachment
1x Rubber protection
1x Custom tools
Most common mounting screws
1x CR 2016 battery
1x Lens cloth
1x Manual (English)

  • Weight: 27 grams
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Dot size: 3 MOA
  • Dot color: Red
  • Intensity levels dot: 10
  • Max. Width adjustment: 105 MOA
  • Max. Height adjustment: 110 MOA
  • Click value at 100m (in mm): 1 MOA
  • Parallax Setting: Parallax free
  • Warranty: Lifelong
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