Tier One Optic Level 34 mm


Tier One Optic Levellers. Correct cant on your rifle is critical for accurate shooting. Even slight cant changes at long range will change your point of impact. Ensure your accuracy stays constant with our NEW lightweight 16gm Tier-One Optic Levellers.

Our Optic Levellers mount quick and simple. And at only 10mm wide, will fit unobtrusively onto your rifles scope tube.
The low profile and slim design enables them to be mounted with the bubble top, bottom, left or right and be viewed from four positions on the optics body for ease of view, providing a constant visual confirmation of correct cant whilst shooting.

Manufactured in the UK from Hard Coat Anodised 7075T6 Aluminium for durability. Recoil proof bubble ensures no separation with heavy recoiling calibers. Can be placed in four viewing positions on the optics body tube.

All screws – Grade-5 Titanium
Suitable for – right or left handed use.

Weight – 16g