SIRUI ST-224 + ST20

Original price was: € 429.00.Current price is: € 399.00.

ST-224 with ST-20 headset, also known as the ST-124 on steroids. Even sturdier, which makes it very suitable for heavier combinations or extra stability. Thicker legs of 29.4 mm (instead of 26.5 mm on the ST-124). Four sections and a maximum working height of no less than 184 cm (incl. headset). In terms of total weight: 1.95 kilos and 15 kilos maximum load capacity, and just like the ST-124 and ST-125, it can be folded compactly and easily thanks to the triangular center column.

Waterproof sealing (WPS) of the twist closures, a great advantage if you regularly photograph in sand or water. Eight layers of carbon, two accessory ports, rubber feet with pivoting spikes.

The ST-20 ball head is made of solid aluminum with a ball diameter of 40mm – it can carry a whopping 35 kg and weighs 0.55 kg itself. The head has dual panning, useful for 360 degree panoramas. Extra friction control in the dial to secure heavier combinations, and a quick release center column that you can quickly reverse.

Lifetime Warranty:
Buyers of a new Sirui tripod or monopod receive a lifetime warranty on their purchase.

  • Material: Carbon
  • Sections: 4
  • Pipe diameter: mm 18.6 – 29.4 /inch 0.73 – 1.16
  • Weight: kg 1.95 /lbs 4.30
  • Max. load capacity: kg 15 / lbs 33.7
  • Size (retracted): cm/inch 61 / 24
  • Minimum working height: cm 52 /inch 20.47
  • Maximum working height: cm 184 / inch 72.44
  • Headset model: ST-20
  • Diameter: mm 40 /inch 1.57
  • Height: mm 90 /inch 3.54
  • Weight: mm 0.55 / inch 1.21
  • Max. load capacity: kg 35 / lbs 77.16