MEPRO microRDS – RED DOT MICRO SIGHT + Backup sights (GLOCK)


The quickest, easiest upgrade in the history of accuracy. The Mepro microRDS brings the rapid target acquisition of a full-size red dot rifle optic to a compact pistol sight. Featuring a patented quick-detach (QD) adaptor kit that easily mounts using the pistol’s existing rear sight dovetail slot; no drilling, tapping or need for a gunsmith. It’s the only red-dot solution that instantly mounts and dismounts without having to re-zero, with an adaptor that also gives you a Meprolight® TruDot™ self-illuminated sight as a back-up when the red dot optic is removed. Built to mount in minutes to any pistol with red dot capability. It also serves as an excellent close-quarters red dot sight and backup sight for rifles and shotguns.

  • Colour: Black
  • Modell: Glock
  • Visisier: Reflex
  • Weight: 0,15kg
  • Heigth: 32mm
  • Wide: 31mm
  • Length: 48mm