Mepro M21 Dot 4.3


No batteries. No weakness. No surrender.

Day/Night Self-illuminated and battle-proven reflex sight.

Originally developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF), the Mepro M21 Red Dot Day/Night Self-Illuminated Reflex Sight represents the best of Meprolight® tritium technology and remains on active duty for the IDF and militaries and law enforcement worldwide.

A red dot sight with fiber-optic illumination by day, Meprolight® tritium by night, it takes charge of any battlefield with no need for batteries, ever. Its rugged, battle-proven construction meets or exceeds rigorous MIL-STD-810 standards to thrive in the harshest conditions, with five available reticles and a big 30-millimeter lens for maximum situational awareness.

Dual illuminated 1X “Red-Dot” reflex sight. The MEPRO M21 provides instant, all-light aiming without batteries. Maintenance FREE! No batteries, No switches always on. Always ready. compatible with carrying handle mount.

Tritium and fiber-optic powered that uses ambient light when available during daylight and unique Tritium light source system that ensures bright reticle in low and night light. The transition between the two systems is instantaneous and automatic, ensuring good contrast between the aiming dot and the target area. Tritium luminance is warrantied for ten years.

Large 30mm diameter lens with five different amber color reticles.
Available in 4.3 MOA dot or 5.5 MOA dot, Triangle, 4.3 Bullseye, and X. Large field of view for rapid target acquisition. Increases accuracy and speed when firing under pressure.

Rugged. Reliable in extreme weather conditions, Used by the Israel Defense Forces, militaries, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The MEPRO M21 is suitable for Night Vision Goggles or scopes, including those with GEN III tubes and magnifying scopes, such as the Mepro MX3F/T. Easy positioning of Magnifier close to the sight’s optics with no decrease in the field-of-view and without compromising convenient switch operation.

  • Magnification: x1
  • Lens Diameter: 30mm (1.1811 in.)
  • Field of View: Unlimited with both eyes open
  • Power source: Fiber optic and Tritium
  • Aiming Point Diameter: 4.3 MOA/ 5.5 MOA/ Triangle/ Bullseye/ Open “X” (some options might not be available)
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 114 x 55 x 70 mm (4.48 x 2.16 x 2.75 in.) with Picatinny adaptor
  • Weight: 372 g (13.12 oz.) with Picatinny adaptor