Fortmeier Bipod H210 (12:00) – 5 positions Bridge


Fortmeier bipods are probably the most versatile, stable and rugged on the market today.
Several mounting positions and solutions are available for attaching the Fortmeier Bipod to your rifle.

12:00 Position:
If you intend to use the Fortmeier mainly in the 12 o’clock position we recommend the 12:00 Bipod without tension adjustment lever. The tension needs to be pre-set with a hex wrench on the top of the bridge.
The 12:00 Bipod Bridge can also be used in the 6 o’clock position, but without quick tension adjustment.

Legs are adjustable in 6 increments by a spring loaded push button. Minimal height is 210 mm, maximum height is 300 mm.

– Bipod can be disassembled completely.
– Bipod legs can be folded backwards, downwards and forward
– No special tools required. All screws can be tightened or loosened with Torx or Hex-Wrench.

  • Without picatinny mount (this is sold separately)