The VECTOR X is the most advanced rangefinding binocular on the market. Explore the unique features that truly make it worthy of the iconic VECTOR name.

With its 905 nm, class 1M (class 1 in the EU) laser engine and a narrow beam divergence of only 1.5 x 0.1 MRAD (1.8 x 0.1 MRAD for the 8 x 42 model) it sets new standards in the commercial market segment. If ultimate range performance is what you demand from your rangefinding binoculars, the VECTOR X is the right tool for the job.

In addition to its formidable optics and powerful rangefinder, the VECTOR X is equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite on-board as standard. With over 800 bullets in its library and no limitations regarding target distance, Applied Ballistics Elite has quickly become the ballistics solver of choice for many elite military units worldwide. With a press of the range button, your VECTOR X displays a precise firing solution for your rifle setup that factors in the environmental conditions measured by its sensor suite or transmitted by a compatible weather meter.

The target card feature of the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app allows you to populate a target card for multiple targets. By triggering range measurements remotely with the app, target information and firing solutions for each measured target are arranged in a target card. You can then transfer your target card to an E-DOPE card or save it as a PDF-document. When printed out and cut to size, place your range card in the transparent compartment of the lid of the soft case of your VECTOR X.

Kestrel 5700 Ballistic weather meters have become an essential piece of equipment for many long-range shooters and hunters. Not only because they measure important environmental data but also due to their integrated ballistics solvers. The top models of the 5700 are equipped with either Applied Ballistics Elite or Hornady 4 DOF. When you connect your VECTOR X with a Kestrel 5700 Ballistic weather meter, the environmental data measured by it will be used by default by your VECTOR X for calculating firing solutions.

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