FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Monocular

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The FLIR Breach PTQ136 is undoubtedly the most compact thermal imaging camera you have ever seen. The thermal monocular is suitable for (hands-free) observations in complete darkness and bad weather conditions, on both short and long distance. Whether it’s people camouflaging themselves in the woods or people walking in complete darkness over forbidden terrain: with the FLIR Breach PTQ136 everything and everyone becomes immediately visible, without you being visible yourself.

The thermal camera has high-tech options, giving you a 640×480 resolution image on a large HD OLED screen (1280×960 pixels), in 60hz. The image is upscaled in real time to 640×480 resolution from the 320×256 detector using advanced imaging algorithms. It includes 7 colour palettes, integrated magnetic compass (GPS) and endless photo and video recordings. With the 12µm BOSON detector you can detect people up to a distance of 450 meters. In addition, the camera focuses from a minimum distance of 25 centimetres, so that you also have a very good image close by. The HD display also allows you to zoom up to 4x, so you don’t have to miss a single moment on the spot. As a result, the Breach PTQ136 offers a superior viewing experience.

Using the optionally available Cap Goggle Kit you can easily wear the unit on your head, or attach it to a helmet. Due to its light weight – only 210 grams – and compact size (just 14 cm in length) you can use the camera completely hands-free. The eyepiece fits gently, but seamlessly, to your eye. You can use the camera using one included CR123 battery, but you can also connect an external power bank. Extra powerful CR123 batteries are also optionally available.

Usage FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Monocular:
In contrast to night vision cameras, a thermal imaging camera does not use infrared light, but infrared heat. This means that you, as a user, never ‘light up’, because there is no visible beam of light that others can see. This makes the camera very suitable for airsoft, security and tactical applications, but also for general nature observations. All your recordings are easily transferred to another device via the included USB-C cable. To attach the thermal imaging camera to a helmet or main system, use the rail on the right side of the body.

Other specifications:
• USB type: USB-C
• USB functionalities: Power in | Video output | Photo and video transfer
• GPS: Integrated magnetic compass for location awareness

1x FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Monocular
1x Belt pouch black molle (per March 2021)
1x USB-C cable
1x CR123A battery
1x Lens cloth
1x Manual
1x Packaging

  • Brand: FLIR
  • Type: Monocular (for 1 eye)
  • Detector type: 320×256 VOx (17µm)
  • Display quality: 1280×960 FLCOS (Quad-VGA)
  • Lens diameter: 9,1mm
  • Observation modes: Scouting
  • Type of image focus: Fixed Focus
  • Field of view: 24×19
  • Detection distance: Short-range (max. 500m)
  • Usage: Airsoft / Paintball, Security, Nature observations, Police / Defence
  • Other functionalities: Magnetic compas, Inclinometer
  • Color palettes: InstAlert, White Hot, Black Hot, Ironbow, Rainbow, Sepia, Arctic, Outdoor Alert
  • Storage capacity: Up to 1,000 photos or 1.5 hours of video
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Recording Functionality: Yes (on the camera itself)
  • Eye relief: 16 mm
  • Zoom: 1x to 4x
  • Diopter Adjustment: -5/+5
  • Weight: 210 grams
  • Dimensions: 139 x 70 x 49 mm
  • Attachments: Goggle Kit #1 (see optional accessories)
  • Power supply: 1x CR123A battery (included)
  • Working Temperature: -20 tot +50 degrees Celsius
  • Water and impact resistance: IP67 (submersible) | Resistant to a 1m fall on concrete
  • Warranty: 3 years with registered product | 10 year warranty on the detecto

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