AGM Handsfree Cap Goggle Kit

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This AGM Cap Goggle Kit (6104GKW1) allows you to use your night vision/thermal imaging camera hands-free. The product consists of a comfortable head mount system that you can wear as a cap on your head and a mount to attach to the viewer. The AGM Goggle Kit is in any case compatible with the NVM40, NVM50 and WOLF14 night vision monoculars from AGM and the Breach PTQ136 thermal imaging camera from FLIR.

The head mount system includes a flip-up system. This allows you to gently but seamlessly connect the eyepiece of the viewer to your eye. If you do not want to use the viewer, simply tilt it up. At the front there is also a scroll bar, with which you can slide the camera left and right. This way you can easily use the camera with every eye, without having to disconnect it from the system first.

How does the Goggle Kit work:
To use the goggle system, attach the connector to the rail of your thermal imaging camera or night vision monocular. Then attach the Goggle Kit on your head like a cap. The head straps are freely adjustable, so you decide how tight or loosely you want to attach it to your head. The protective cap on the bottom is then placed against your chin. With the round push button on the mounting you can use the flip-up system, so you can tilt the camera up and down. When this button is not pressed, the camera will remain firmly and securely in its position. If you want to use the camera with the other eye, move the viewer via the slide mechanism. Then do not forget to rotate the eyepiece of your camera 180 degrees.

Application AGM Cap Goggle Kit:
This goggle kit is indispensable for every user who wants to use his or her night vision//thermal camera hands-free. You can think of airsoft, tactical applications or nature observations. You can use the goggle kit for extra comfort, but also out of necessity, for example when you always need to have both hands free. This may be necessary when you move quickly, need to use the viewer in challenging (e.g. mountainous) environments, or simply because you need your hands for other things. With the Goggle Kit you change your nighttime viewer into night vision goggles or thermal imaging goggles.

1x AGM Cap Goggle Kit (6104GKW1)
1x Head mount system (cap) with adjustable straps
1x Mount for thermal /night vision camera
1x Flip-up system
1x Sliding mechanism (left/right eye)
1x Chin protection cap

  • Brand: AGM
  • AGM article: 6104GKW1
  • Also for: FLIR Breach PTQ136