Sirui TN3 Carbon Tripod + K-20II ball Head

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The TN3 Carbon Tripod with K-20II Ball Head from Sirui is an ideal tripod for the Long Range, Hunting and PRS.

The carbon fiber tripod has an impressive maximum height of 177 centimeters, but can be stored very compactly. This is possible because the legs can fold up 180 degrees. This causes the head to end up between the legs. The tripod therefore has a transport length of only 51 centimeters. And the tripod with ball head weighs only 2.1 kilos. The load capacity is 18 kg.

The TN3 features a split center column. This center column can be divided quickly and easily by loosening the hook in the bottom. This separates both parts so that you get a short center column. This short center column remains attached to the tripod and is ideal for shooting from a very low angle.

The legs of the tripod are independently adjustable in angle so that the tripod can easily be adjusted to uneven terrain. The tripod comes with a luxurious padded carrying case including a shoulder strap. Leg warmers on the legs provide comfortable use in extreme weather conditions and help to protect the legs from damage. You hang a counterweight on the hook at the bottom of the middle column for extra stability.

Main features of the Sirui TN3 tripod:
• Compact to store
• One tripod leg can be used as a monopod
• Unique split center column for extra flexibility
• The legs are individually adjustable in 23, 52 and 80 degrees
• Hook at the bottom of the center column
• Monopod maximum height 149cm
• Monopod minimum height 51cm

Main features of the Sirui K-20II Ball Head:
• Panning and friction
• Maximum load of 25kg
• Three spirit levels
• Can be tilted 90 degrees
• 360 degrees rotatable
• Arca-style clamp
• CNC machined aluminum alloy